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Our satisfied clients say it better than we ever could:

"If software is strategic to your business success, Mainstream Technologies can help you get the most from it."

John Burgess
Mainstream Technologies

"Mainstream Technologies gives us advice on how to address issues to make sure that our long-term infrastructure is set up to efficiently support us.   They come in and get the job done."

Public Sector Organization

"We wanted someone who had a customer service focus that met our needs. We're not the biggest customer they're going to have but we want to be the most important.  We feel that way when we're dealing with them."

Brian Marsh
Goodwill Industries of Arkansas

"As the manager of a staff, you always have to worry about personalities and relationships.  With Mainstream, that's never a worry.  They get along great and treat our staff with a high level of respect.  It’s a great feeling knowing that my staff is being taken care of whether the problem is big or small."

Public Sector Organization

"We found Mainstream was very knowledgeable about our business.  They not only knew what we did, but they understood why!"


"There came a time when we decided to offer our solution in an ASP environment. With the help of Mainstream Technologies, we leveraged their data center and staff to actively monitor and manage our systems."

Greg Holder
Traverse Systems

I have been infinitely pleased with the work product and the results.

Brad Cazort
Arkansas Crime Information Center

"As a hosting company, we understand the value of the services Mainstream Technologies provides us.  This is why we use them as our second site."

Ken Harris Jr.
eMobile Campus

"Because of Mainstream Technologies' hosting services, we're able to respond to our clients' needs faster without increasing overhead."

Jackie d'Escoto
d'Escoto, Inc.

“Mainstream came highly regarded and they’ve been extremely good at digging in to understand what the intent of the programs truly are."

Operations Administrator
Government Agency

"The high-quality resources provided by Mainstream are critical to the success of our projects."

Carder Hawkins
Arkansas Insurance Department

"IT is such a big part of any business now, if you don’t trust who you’re working with, you’re lost! I love these guys, they’ve protected me for over 10 years."

Kerry McCoy
Arkansas Flag and Banner

"Mainstream is always responsive to our needs in a timely manner.  They are mindful and considerate of State resources without compromising the quality of their work."

Karli Saracini
Arkansas Department of Education

"Our law practice was in a break/fix mode and it seemed that when we had problems, there was a lot of guesswork. We were used to being overwhelmed with techno-speak, and it seemed we were constantly being asked to throw money at a problem with the hope of arriving at a fix."

Chief Technology Officer
Local Law Practice

"There came a time when we decided to offer our solution in an ASP environment. With the help of Mainstream Technologies, we leveraged their data center and staff to actively monitor and manage our systems."

Greg Holder
Traverse Systems

"It’s also a huge bonus that he can tap into other Mainstream resources for advice on technical issues and challenges."

Nationally Recognized Private Sector Enterprise

"They took the time to understand the needs of our law firm and are very responsive when the unpredictable happens. They know their role in keeping our firm up and running."

Local Law Firm

“Mainstream met with the senior staff and spent time with the actual users of the system to understand what they do on a daily basis."

Operations Administrator
Government Agency

"The software that Mainstream helped us deliver has saved our customers in the last 5 years, in excess of $100 Million."

Greg Holder
Traverse Systems

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