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Ransomware Payments May Run Afoul of Federal Regulations

Ransomware Payments May Run Afoul of Federal Regulations With ransomware attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, more and more companies…

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New Attack Being Seen With Microsoft Teams Emails

An article published late yesterday details a new phishing attack that impersonates an automated communication message from Microsoft Teams, and…

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Great Failures in Cybersecurity | Starwood Marriott

See how a hotel reservation breach makes you a target. Join our panelists as they discuss the Starwood Marriott data…

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Google Chrome zero-day being actively exploited

Google Chrome released an update sometime yesterday to address a recent zero-day vulnerability that they are now seeing being used…

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Cybersecurity Advice

Below is some advice to share with anyone and everyone you know. I expect online shopping to be much larger…

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Security Warnings 10.19.20

Over the weekend we saw a lot of malicious email blasts pretending to be gift cards from various retailers. Though…

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Establish a Best-Practices Framework for Effective Patch Management

Patch management is among the most important cybersecurity controls in any organization. It’s also one of the most time-consuming, challenging,…

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Great Failures in Cybersecurity | Equifax

See how the Equifax breach could have been avoided. Listen to our panel discussion, hosted by Talk Business & Politics…

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Should You Back Up Your Office 365 Data?

Data backup and disaster recovery are arguably the most business-critical tasks assigned to any IT organization. If you can’t regain…

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Great Failures in Cybersecurity – Webinar | Ransomware

Learn how a Russian hacker held a manufacturer hostage and how this attack could have been prevented.

Join our panel discussion, hosted by Talk Business & Politics as they discuss a real-world example of ransomware and how it could have been avoided.

Roby Brock Talk Business & Politics
Daniel Weatherly Mainstream Technologies
John Burgess Mainstream Technologies
Jason Lafayette The Wilson Law Group

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