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No such thing as too small to be a target

Dr. Chase Cunningham of Forrester Research recently spoke to a group of business leaders and IT professionals in Little Rock…

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Executive Briefing On Cybersecurity Realities


John Burgess, President of Mainstream Technologies in this 1 hour presentation describes the new reality of how cybersecurity must be considered as a new business reality.  The risks of system breaches posed to the organization can no longer be ignored.

Our mindsets must change to create a culture of cybersecurity awareness throughout our organizations.

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Beware of Black Friday Phishing Scams

We have seen a few notices about leaked Black Friday Sales, and other related info.  If your inbox is like…

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Office 365 credential SCAM

Scammers Trying to Steal Office 365 Credentials with Fake Voice Mail Messages (October 30 & 31, 2019) Researchers at McAfee…

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Cyber Security: No longer just for regulated businesses

We all understand the fundamentals of business and the importance of customer service or quality in operations or accuracy in…

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A new need for a company culture of cybersecurity

Summary:  Just like a fire in your office building, cyber-attacks are the 21st Century version of catastrophic loss to your…

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Cyber Attacks: Think Damages

Hackers are finding it more and more difficult to compromise larger enterprises and are shifting their attention elsewhere. Guess where…

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource Kit

We hope this National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource Kit from KnowBe4 will help you make smarter security decisions! Free Training…

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Mainstream Technologies Hires Louis Frederick

Brings 20 years experience (Little Rock, Ark.) – (Oct. 14, 2019) — Mainstream Technologies is pleased to announce the hiring…

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IE vulnerability gets emergency patch

-Daniel Weatherly Director of Security Services Mainstream Technologies Inc Earlier this month and after the normal patch Tuesday, Microsoft released…

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