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Do you have sufficient staffing and experience to deliver custom software with the new features your organization needs? Does your workload have unpredictable peaks and valleys that make planning a new custom software development effort difficult? Mainstream is an extension of your staff to give you the ability to meet demand seamlessly.


Has the rapidly changing landscape of custom software development created a void in your team’s skillset? Transform and empower your organization with the skills you need for only as long as you need them.  Our design professionals can work standalone or within cross-functional teams to build your platform for the future.


Your users are dealing with an evolving business climate.  Is it a challenge for your team to deliver the new features they need to do their job in a timely fashion challenging?  Mainstream’s team of EXPERT GENERALISTS have the experience you need to deliver the features your users need on time and on budget.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

I have been infinitely pleased with the work product and the results.

Brad Cazort
Arkansas Crime Information Center

"It’s also a huge bonus that he can tap into other Mainstream resources for advice on technical issues and challenges."

Nationally Recognized Private Sector Enterprise

"We found Mainstream was very knowledgeable about our business.  They not only knew what we did, but they understood why!"


"If software is strategic to your business success, Mainstream Technologies can help you get the most from it."

John Burgess
Mainstream Technologies

“Mainstream met with the senior staff and spent time with the actual users of the system to understand what they do on a daily basis."

Operations Administrator
Government Agency

“Mainstream came highly regarded and they’ve been extremely good at digging in to understand what the intent of the programs truly are."

Operations Administrator
Government Agency

"The software that Mainstream helped us deliver has saved our customers in the last 5 years, in excess of $100 Million."

Greg Holder
Traverse Systems

"Mainstream is always responsive to our needs in a timely manner.  They are mindful and considerate of State resources without compromising the quality of their work."

Karli Saracini
Arkansas Department of Education

"The high-quality resources provided by Mainstream are critical to the success of our projects."

Carder Hawkins
Arkansas Insurance Department

My application is on an aging technology platform, so it’s difficult to find support staff. I need help to bring it up to date.

If you find yourself trying to staff a support team for an aging platform but your resource pool is shrinking, modernizing your platform might be in order.

Do you have a spike in your workload and need help?

Are you juggling a project backlog that keeps you delivering new software features to your users in a timely manner?

Do you have sufficient staffing and experience to deliver the new features your organization needs? 

Mainstream is passionate about solving business challenges with technology.  Whether the need is to add features to an existing application build a completely new solution, the Mainstream Way gives you the flexibility and experience you need to lay the groundwork for delivering new features faster than ever before.

I have to micromanage my staff/contractors.

If your development team needs micromanaging, Mainstream has the ability to put an experienced team together with diverse skills and years of business process experience


My developers don’t understand our business processes.

If you find your project is stalled because your developers are having difficulty understanding your business processes.


I’m struggling to show progress in my software project.

If you’re working to bring new software features to your stakeholders and having difficulty demonstrating success, the RAPID FEEDBACK CYCLE is a way to monitor progress


I need an experienced team to work on my project.

If you have a team of experienced developers working on your software project, ramp up times are minimized and the chances for wasted effort are significantly reduced.


I need a variety of software skills but I don’t have the budget to bring them in-house.

Mainstream's staff offers a diversity of skill sets and years of practical and relevant experience.


Can technology transformation really have an impact on my business?

Technology transformation or modernization offers the potential for creating new efficiencies and significantly reducing costs while unlocking new opportunities.  Measuring the potential impact of these efforts is essential for justifying the investment in both time and money.

Is offshoring our software development a good fit for my organization?

If you're considering outsourcing your software development, there are three sourcing models typically used.  Staff augmentation, offshoring, and inshoring are all relevant options and they each have their advantages and disadvantages.


Should I be looking for an industry specialist?

If you are challenged to deliver new features and automate business processes for your users, it often helps to have a fresh perspective from a team who has a wide range of experience across many industries.  Mainstream has been developing software solutions for over 20 years in a variety of sectors. Over time we have created a team of EXPERT GENERALISTS who are uniquely qualified to deliver the insights organization's need to realize the potential technology offers.

I am an educator looking for a partner who has experience in my field, can Mainstream help?

Improved student outcomes are at the heart of Mainstream Technologies' data and process solutions for educators.

Innovate | Accelerate | Clarify | Transform

I’m looking for a firm that has CJIS experience?

Mainstream Technology understands CJIS.  It is unique and people across the country depend on the timely access to the data you're responsible for and they have to be sure that it's accurate.  Having a technology partner who understands CJIS and knows that each agency operates differently.

Raving Fan Clients

Mainstream Technologies cherishes building long-term relationship clients. We are pleased to present testimonials from past and current clients:

Solving Business Challenges

Mainstream Technologies creates, manages and secures technology to assure your systems are working efficiently. Learn more about how we approach business challenges to arrive at unique solutions that fit your business.

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