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What is managed technology services?

Managed Technology Service providers complement in-house IT staff efforts by addressing routine tasks that allow in-house staff tomanaged services Little Rock handle more pressing strategic business-related technology issues.

Mainstream Technologies streamlines workflow, drives innovation, enhances communication, and improves decision-making. We handle all of the basic IT functions such as maintenance, updates, and security patching which are vital to system health.  Mainstream’s Managed Services also work with you to develop a fully formed roadmap for adopting and using leading-edge technologies such as cloud services, mobile platforms, data analytics, and more. We work with your key stakeholders to develop a strategic plan for ongoing IT improvements that can boost competitiveness, efficiency, and productivity.  We can fill the role of a Virtual CIO by helping you align business requirements with your technology.


The benefits of Managed Technology Services are:

  • Improves productivity by increasing system performance and stability,
  • Provides the organization access to diverse technical skillsets on-demand and affordably,
  • Frees up in house IT staff to focus on strategic business-related IT initiatives,
  • Frees up executives to focus on their organization’s core competencies,
  • Stabilizes technology spending and reduces unplanned expenses,
  • Encourages midterm and long-term technology planning


To learn more about how Mainstream’s Managed Services can improve your system performance and make your organization more efficient, CLICK HERE TO SEND US AN EMAIL.