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My support costs are unpredictable. How can I change that?

If you’re juggling your budget over unexpected IT expenses or you’re tired of being blindsided by unexpectedmanaged network services IT costs click here to read how an IT assessment can provide a pathway to stable and productive infrastructure.

All managed technology service agreements offered by Mainstream Technologies are an all-inclusive levelized billing service that varies only when the number of end-user devices or products changes (+/-). This agreement is simple, easy to understand, and provides better, more timely customer service. Additionally, it frees our service engineers to do what’s best for the business at the time.

According to Mark McClelland, Vice-President of Information Technology, “Conventional contracts leave room for additional support costs, and confusion distinguishing between what is a covered service and what is an hourly, billable service.

Our goal for a levelized billing model is to align pricing with the employee headcount while removing the nickel and dime monthly volatility. So if the headcount goes down, the monthly billing will adjust accordingly.  Our customers clearly understand what is included or excluded in their service agreements.

If you’d like help getting a grip on your technology spend, send us an email and let us help.


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