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Youtube Can Spread Malware

This is not new, but an article reminded me today about how Youtube can spread malware. You may want to share this article with anyone in your family who uses a computer.

There has been an uptick in the number of malware campaigns that utilize Youtube video’s about popular topics, mentioning tools or applications in the videos with links to the tools in the video or in the description. The tools/applications may be malicious packages.

Thousands of videos were recently created in just 20 minutes which carried malicious payloads. These types of attacks are very successful.

Some of the topics they covered included how-to guides, cryptocurrency, mining, gaming cheats, VPN software, cracked software.

Please do not download software from anyone but the company that created it, and be very suspicious of freeware.

Remember, you can scan downloads with but it is best to avoid such things.

This info was taken from an article published today at

-Daniel Weatherly

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