Mainstream Technologies

Product Price List

The following products are offered to Managed Services clients at the prices listed below. Prices reflect a per-month fee. Prices last updated December 4, 2020.

Cloud Collaboration (per user)

Office 365 Essentials$5.00
Office 365 Premium$12.50
Office 365 E3$20.00
Office 365 Audio Conferencing$4.00
Office 365 GetITBack$1.75

Additional Products (per user)

WebRoot Anti-Virus$1.80
Edgewave Spam/Email Continuity$.90
Edgewave Spam/Email Continuity/Encryption$1.50
Edgewave Archive$2.30
Edgewave Threat Test/Incident Response$1.60
Cisco Umbrella$3.50
Automox Desktop Patch Management$4.00

Firewall-as-a-Service (per device)

WatchGuard T10$45
WatchGuard T30$78
WatchGuard T30W$90
WatchGuard T35$81
WatchGuard T35W$94
WatchGuard T50$101
WatchGuard T50W$121
WatchGuard T55$114
WatchGuard T55W$133
WatchGuard T70$138
WatchGuard M200$147
WatchGuard M200 High Availability$60
WatchGuard M300$185
WatchGuard M370$202
WatchGuard M370 High Availability$78
WatchGuard M440$505