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custom software solution servicesAdvances in technology are reshaping how companies look at their technology and how it can be used to create strategic advantages. The traditional IT infrastructure is shifting into commodity services through virtualization, software as a service and mobility.  Mobile apps and big data are enabling companies to develop deeper and more focused insights into their business and significantly improving their decision-making abilities.  The right technology strategy can help you take advantage of these changes.

Your business depends on software.  Software relies on mobile, cloud, social and big data technologies to provide the insights into your day to day activities that you rely on.

Mainstream Technologies offers enterprise-class custom software solutions that deliver strategic advantages to your business.   Mainstream Technologies is an extension of your staff which gives you the ability to dynamically allocate resources based on business demands without the need for a long-term commitment.

    • Improve the systems and maximize the information you already have to work better for you.
    • Integrate multiple data sources into single level executive views
    • Reduce the time it takes to bring new features and actionable insights to users.
    • Increase visibility into the software development process so the risk of wasted effort is minimized.
    • Ensure higher quality results and better user experiences by welcoming change throughout the development lifecycle.

It’s not what we do, it’s who we are!

“Mainstream Technologies was referred to us as someone we should speak with before we made a decision to proceed with development,” said Ernie Baske, Vice President of Franklin Retail Solutions.

“After the initial interview, Mainstream made the short list.  In the second round, it became very clear to us that they were far and above the best fit.  They understood the project.  They understood our business.  They had a clear understanding of the project from the outset and insisted on collaboration.

“At the time, MVP (a web-based field force management solution) was an idea.  It was a concept which wouldn’t support a waterfall development model.  We needed a provider with whom we could collaborate with and rely on.  Mainstream gave us solid talent, a high level of communication and a higher level of project management than we would have received by simply hiring a contractor.   They even had the ability to wear our ‘user’s hat’ and foresee challenges so extra features could be built in as we moved forward.

“Mainstream provided us a best of breed development methodology which combined elements of both Agile and Iterative development principles.  We had an overall goal for the project, so Mainstream built it in pieces (i.e. Agile) so we could evaluate small portions of the code and measure success quickly.

“Coming out of the project I was pleased with the breadth of services they offer, hosting, database support, as well as application support.  They took all my worries away from launching a completely new application because I knew when I turned it over to them, it would be handled.”

Franklin Retail Solutions, founded in 1998, is the #1 provider of in-store marketing and merchandising solutions in the Sporting Goods, Outdoor and Active Lifestyle industry.   Their clients include Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and REI among others.


 If software is strategic to your business success, Mainstream Technologies can help you get the most out of it.

To learn how LEAN SOURCING™ can provide you with the ultimate flexibility to remove resource barriers, see THE MAINSTREAM WAY PART 2 by clicking here.

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