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Digital Transformation

The top 5 symptoms of an aging technology that’s overdue for modernization are;

› Support and maintenance costs are rising at unsupportable rates.
›They frequently suffer from unplanned downtime and system errors.
› The business processes that have evolved are inefficient, manual and rely heavily on paper to accommodate system limitations.
› It’s difficult to find, hire, and retain support staff to adequately maintain the legacy system
› System security is inadequate especially in light of today’s pressing cybersecurity risks.

If you’re considering a digital transformation initiative, the economic impact of the effort is measurable.

For example, a government agency turned to Mainstream to analyze the architecture of its legacy system, observe its business processes, and interview their stakeholders. Mainstream then delivered a new system architecture while simultaneously redesigning internal processes to improve productivity. The net result was a 48% ROI with a 3-year payback!

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