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Cybersecurity Companies’ Layered Strategy Explained

Cybersecurity companies typically use a layered cybersecurity strategy to combat cyber-attacks because it maximizes protection and keeps costs under control.

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Since no single tool or policy can adequately defend against every type of cyber-attack, a variety of tools and approaches are needed to build protective layers between you and bad actors. There are so many tools and options out there it’s easy to get confused on which ones are essential and which ones aren’t.

Knowing the role, purpose, and limitation of each tool is important to understanding just how cybersecurity companies are layering their defenses on our behalf.

Layered Cybersecurity Strategy Tools

  • Firewalls
    • Designed to keep the bad stuff out
    • Cost Range – Firewall as a Service – $70-$270 month
  • Email Protection – SPAM, Encryption, etc
    • Spam Filter, Encryption, etc
    • Cost Range – $1.50~ per address per month
  • Browsing Protection to keep users from going to bad websites
    • Cost Range – $3.50/device/month
  • Brute Force Protection – Once the bad guy targets you
    • Multi-factor Authentication
      • Cost Range – $3.00/user/month
    • Password Manager
      • Cost Range – $0-$3/user/month
    • Vulnerability Scanning
      • Cost Range – $10/user/month
    • Human
      • Workforce Education
      • Cost Range – $3.00/user/month
    • Detection
      • MDR (Managed Detection and Response
      • Cost Range – Call for pricing

Cybersecurity companies have a tremendous responsibility and must be right all of the time, whereas bad actors only have to be right once. A layered cybersecurity approach stacks the odds in their favor. If you would like more information about the strategy, send us an email.


Block by Block: A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity – Live Event Recording

If you would like more information about how to improve your cybersecurity protection, please send Sara an email, by clicking this link.

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