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Custom Software: WGLF Success Story

The Watts Guerra Law Firm (WGLF) is a Texas-based law firm with five offices across the state.  Their practice primarily deals with product liability and negligence within the transportation, automotive, aviation, and toxic material sectors.

To properly pursue their cases, they collect a large amount of documentation in various forms such as witness and plaintiff information, event documentation along with all sorts of other evidentiary information.  They struggled to keep these documents organized and secure while also making them available to the attorneys, paralegals and support staff within their company who needed access.   Compiling this information and making sure it was secure while open to those who needed it became a large task into itself.  Over time it became more and more costly and time intensive to manage properly.  These costs (both hard and soft) and the difficulty of securely sharing information across their offices led them to begin the search for a solution that would meet their needs.  They needed a Document Management system and a Case Management system all rolled into one.

After reviewing what was available in the market place, they were unable to find a package that met all their needs.  The firm approached Mainstream Technologies in 2004 about creating a solution that met their requirements which included both automating their document management system and installing Case Management features.  We accepted the challenge and delivered a solution that provided easy yet secure access to case documentation in electronic form that was only available to their staff regardless of their location.  We built in case management processes and features that guided their teams through the lifecycle of a case and provided case status highlights, case expenses, schedules, and the status of outside participants.

The WGLF Lawsuit and Document Management System is a client server application (Java, Oracle) and uses VPN access for secure real time access for WGLF staff regardless of geography.  It is currently hosted in Mainstream’s Little Rock Data Center.

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