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Custom Software: Safety Kleen Success Story

Safety Kleen is an environmental services company based in Plano, TX.  Mainstream has worked with Safety Kleen for over 15 years on a variety of projects ranging from tracking systems, pricing systems and basic contract programming.  During this time, Safety Kleen decided to migrate their legacy applications from their mainframe environment (COBOL, CICS, and DB2) to a Windows client server environment.  They had run the numbers and decided that once they did this, their operating costs would be significantly reduced.   Mainstream was chosen because of the long term partnership and had the mainframe and the client server skill sets that were needed.

Mainstream and Safety Kleen agreed to an estimate and hourly proposal for the effort Mainstream expected.   They handed us an aggressive schedule but due to the flexibility of the Mainstream partnership, Safety Kleen was able to expand and contract services within the agreement as needed at different times. This flexibility allowed Mainstream to contribute to the infrastructure design as well as address other needs that were discovered during the project.   These engagements, among others smaller in nature, were outside the original scope of the project and wouldn’t have been feasible in a fixed bid scenario.

Mainstream Technologies’ proven track record with Safety Kleen gave them the confidence to use Mainstream for a variety of other opportunities which presented themselves over the years.   Safety Kleen and Mainstream have enjoyed a good partnership for so many years, in large part due to their confidence that Mainstream is committed to their success.

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