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Vulnerabilities for the past month-April 15, 2020

This month we have had many vulnerabilities posted for apple products including OSs for PCs and laptops, as well as iPads, iPhone, iWatch, Apple tvOS, iCloud, and iTunes.

If you use these products at work or at home, please check for updates and install them.

Hopefully, no one is using Windows 7 at home. The current list of vulnerabilities makes them easy targets for remote code execution and escalation of privilege with attacks of these exploits being seen live out in the world. With most people working from home, this can increase the risk to Mainstream, especially if you use a win 7 machine to connect to our network. Please make sure you do not do that.

Also even if you have Win10 at home, make sure it is a current version as anything prior to 1809 is not receiving security updates anymore and is also vulnerable to many of these attacks.

To check your win10 version, click the start button and type winver, and once found click ok. If you are not at 1809, 1903, or 1909, you need to update to stay secure. Your work machine should already be a supported version as we keep an eye on that for you.

It will look similar to this

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