Threat Monitoring & Detection

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Detect and Respond to Network Threats

Mainstream Technologies provides full threat detection and response capabilities to organizations that need an advanced and affordable cybersecurity solution to monitor and respond to emerging network threats. Our security platform gives you the ability to automatically detect anomalies and potential cyber threats as they occur in real-time and respond accordingly to minimize the risk of damaging setbacks to the business.

Lightning-fast Response

Accurately parsing over 10,000 events per second, we automatically catch threats and execute remediation scripts in real-time to rapidly eliminate threats with little to no human intervention.

Next-generation Security Intelligence

Cutting-edge machine learning technology allows us to automatically detect and mitigate both internal and external threats that would normally pass through traditional cybersecurity defenses.

Unified Security Fabric

We unify threat feed sources into one platform to get a real-time view of all network activity and rapidly identify root causes across the entirety of the network.

Threat Detection & Response Highlights

  • Large-scale threat feed integration with real-time pattern matching
  • Detect unauthorized devices, applications, and configuration changes in real-time
  • Automatically prioritize which threats need immediate attention
  • A dedicated security response team working for you 24/7/365
  • Remediate to the network edge or the individual endpoint, depending on the coverage
  • Human analysis of events and root cause analysis

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