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Security Awareness Tip | Do Not Follow Links Unless….

There is an uptick in email blasts and fake news stories being posted online surrounding the transfer of power of the President of the United States as well as the violence that occurred this week. Security Awareness Tip | DO NOT follow links for these topics unless you’re certain you are visiting a trusted site! It is easy to stop thinking about your own security when jumping down this rabbit hole for information.

Security Awareness Tip 2 | On a different topic

Have you ever heard of anyone saying that their friends got Facebook invites to be their friends again? If you are a user of social media platforms like Facebook, you might check if anyone has created a duplicate account with your same name and photos. This actually happened to my mother-age 78 and she did not know what to do. This is a common tactic used by attackers. They first grab photos and updates from your Facebook page and build a new page pretending to be you. They will then send out invites to your friend list, sometimes with malicious links, but also posting malicious links on the fake page.

If you find any fakes, you can report them for removal.  Also, you have the ability to change security settings for your social media profiles. Be sure you look at your settings to see what you are sharing publicly vs just with friends. Security awareness always pays off!

Daniel Weatherly
Director of Security Services
Mainstream Technologies Inc.

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