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Do You Still Need an Onsite Data Center

evaluate a hosted data center alternative for onsite data center

To say that business priorities changed in 2020 is an understatement. Suddenly, we found ourselves having to adapt to a remote work model so we could keep our businesses running amid pandemic-related restrictions. Many organizations, adapted quickly and seamlessly. Remote work enabled organizations to protect valuable employees and their families while continuing to provide a high level of customer service. This raises new questions. If your business priorities include continued remote work, do you still need to maintain an onsite data center for IT infrastructure? If your office is mostly empty, do you need to be housing servers, storage, and other equipment onsite?

The public cloud may seem like a logical alternative to an onsite data center at first glance. However, migrating and operating infrastructure in the public cloud can quickly surpass the cost of maintaining an on-premises data center. Public cloud also means you must accept some loss of visibility and control. There is also the question of “Where exactly is my data?”

Managed colocation and data center services might be a better choice. You gain flexibility regarding decisions to right-size and re-task your primary office space, and the capacity to scale up your technology to support growing demands. There are also the benefits of housing your critical infrastructure and data in a hardened facility with redundant connectivity, backup electrical services, and onsite IT professionals.

Managed colocation is a mature offering, one that is increasingly overlooked due to the effective marketing and perceived benefits associated with the public cloud. Mainstream’s secure data center facility offers the flexibility to accommodate most business requirements. You will know exactly where your data is located. Multiple internet carriers provide a range of connectivity options. Redundant power and cooling provide a reliable and secure environment. All are supported by a staff of experienced technology and facilities professionals.

As we move to the future, why not let us assist you with determining the most cost-effective solutions to transform your IT into a business driver? Our partners benefit from our experience every day. Shouldn’t you?

— Mark McClelland,
Co-founder of Mainstream Technologies

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