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“One Good Developer is Worth Ten Average Developers” 

One Good DeveloperAs businesses look to adopt new software features and functionality to improve their efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, many decision-makers don’t realize that it takes a unique craftsman to do the job well and in a timely manner.  It takes as much experience and intuition as it does technical skills to analyze a challenge, design an approach and build a solution that meets both immediate expectations and lays a solid foundation for the future.  Good software design is a convergence of art and science and when a craftsman has leeway, can transform a business process.

There is a career progression for a software developer just like any other profession where they learn the techniques, skills and tools as well as the tricks of the trade of how to approach and solve problems.   A common mistake we see is assigning a developer to solve a problem which is beyond their experience level.  They may be well versed in technology but they lack the business acumen to rapidly grasp the complexity of the issue and chart a course for the solution.

Designing a lasting solution that accounts for the unseen or possibly even the unknown, takes a tremendous amountsteve jobs quote One Good Developer of business experience as well as familiarity with the technology.  A seasoned software architect who’s responsible for problem-solving must be a master of both software design and have the ability to quickly assess the underlying causes of the challenge.

Once the project is underway a good development team can develop the solution rapidly and will most likely find ways to build in efficiency as the opportunities arise.

It takes years for anyone to master their trade regardless of the discipline.  No matter what tools are available to a novice, they can only perform up to the level of their skills and more importantly, their experience.

A common analogy to compare software development to is designing and building a commercial building.  A seasoned architect is essential in the beginning to capture the client’s vision.  Once the plans are complete, the contractor is able to put a project plan together and offer input that can either speed up construction or add features to the finished product.  An experienced team is valuable and comes at a project from different vantage points so that the end product is often better than the original vision.

Software development is very similar to this model.

We have seen over and over again examples where businesses have had projects languish because they had assigned an inexperienced technologist to create a solution that was beyond their learning curve.

In one particular instance, a programmer had been assigned to solve a problem with little result over a 3-4 month period.  Once we were brought on, we were able to deliver the solution in 3 weeks.

Mainstream is a destination employer for experienced software developers and architects.   Our staff averages 15 years’ experience in their craft with 7 of those being with Mainstream.   It’s our belief that Mr. Jobs was correct and that we should focus our efforts on acquiring top talent, cultivating it and unleashing it on behalf of our clients.  Our record is validated by our successful 18+ year track record.

If software is strategic to your success and you have a perplexing challenge, please read comments from our client partners by clicking here.  If you have questions, please reach out to us @ or visit our website @

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