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Mainstream Technologies’ Managed IT Services – Part 2

Mainstream Technologies Managed ServicesManaged IT Services is all about investing your budget in the most efficient way possible. If you consider the past three years, what did you spend on your IT? What are you spending today for hardware, software, contracts, IT management, and support costs (internal and external staff), system downtime, and the associated costs of lost productivity?

A managed service provider in many cases can align their contract to approximate your current spending rate. Although the costs may be similar (and in some cases less) you’ll benefit by moving to a proactive, planned, and managed environment that increases the quality and quantity of your uptime. You can resolve today’s challenges while eliminating future unplanned costs.

Reactive IT Support Characteristics

  • Extensive downtime requiring restoration services
  • Inconsistent support
  • Inconsistent data backups
  • Vulnerability to viruses and SPAM
  • Vulnerability to unplanned expenses
  • Your internal resources are tied up with maintenance and troubleshooting support

Proactive Managed Services Support Characteristics

  • Limited downtime – increased staff productivity
  • Stable, single point of contact for problem reporting and resolution
  • Monitored data backups within a disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Evolving managed security plan
  • All IT spending is planned and budgeted
  • Your internal resources are freed up to use their expertise to propel the business forward

The Mainstream Way

Peace of mind is important when you’re running a successful business. Mainstream provides managed services you can depend on. With Mainstream Technologies as your trusted IT partner, you’ll experience reliable uptime for the systems and services you depend on

Our Commitment to You

Mainstream provides you with a robust all-inclusive agreement designed to align our interests with yours. It even includes a 30 day out clause so we’re required to prove our value every day. You’ll never be billed more than our monthly arrangement unless you request additional services. We’ll never profit from your downtime!

A Mainstream Managed Services agreement includes:

  • All services required to support and optimize your systems including 3rd party vendor management
  • Exhaustive documentation of your systems so you can initiate a strategic 4-year planning cycle.
  • All IT assets will be covered by your manufacturer’s maintenance agreements or warranties
  • Single point of contact for all systems and services
  • We offer negotiation assistance for additional IT services (i.e. data circuits, internet)
  • A proprietary disaster recovery solution utilizing our own data center and proprietary software
  • Nightly data backup validation and semiannual testing
  • The ability to leverage cloud technologies within our local data center
  • A 30 day out clause that requires us to prove our value every day

Our goal is extend the life cycle of your assets; Mainstream is not a hardware or software reseller.

Mainstream Technologies offers unique multi-layered solutions and responsive dedicated support to meet your needs and give you peace of mind. Mainstream Technologies is your local partner for the future.

If you’d like more information about our managed services, contact Tom Allen @ 501.801.6700 or

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