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iPhone updates 14.2

Apple has patched iOS against three zero-day vulnerabilities that attackers were actively exploiting in the wild.

The security flaws affect iPhone 6s and later, seventh-generation iPod touches, iPad Air 2s and later, and iPad mini 4s and later.

The flaws are:

•             CVE-2020-27930, a code-execution vulnerability that attackers can trigger using maliciously crafted fonts
•             CVE-2020-27950, which allows a malicious app to obtain the locations in kernel memory, and
•             CVE-2020-27932, a bug that allows code to run with highly privileged system rights.

Apple has fixed the zero-day and other vulnerabilities with the release of iOS 14.2.  Please update your devices. The bonus is that you will also get 100 new emoji! ?

This is a second update for iOS within a few weeks. iOS 14.1 came out on October 22.

For info on iOS 14.2 visit or

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