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Good advice for the Iranian cyber threat

We are seeing increased activity in the US indicating that Iranian cyber actors are at work.

Some good ideas to consider that may help lower your  attack risk are;

  • Be aware of unsolicited contact on social media from any individual you do not know personally
  • Be aware of attempts to pass links or files via social media from anyone whom you do not know
  • Be aware of unsolicited requests to share a file via online services.
  • Be aware of email messages conveying suspicious alerts or other online accounts, including login notifications or alerts indicating attempted unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Be suspicious of emails purporting to be from legitimate online services
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited email messages that contain shortened links such as tinyurl,, etc
  • Use security features provided by social media platforms such as 2 factor authentication, strong passwords, and use a different password for each web site and social media site account.
  • Do not use the same password used at work on any other system or site.

Unrelated to this, I personally have received numerous emails in the past two weeks to my personal account about an expiring credit card for amazon prime. If you receive any such correspondence by email, please do not click links and instead manually go to the company’s web site to login by opening your browser and typing in the known URL.

Stay vigilant!

Daniel Weatherly
Director of Security Services
Mainstream Technologies Inc.

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