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Why should I consider outsourcing my network management?

Every IT employee wants to succeed and improve the quality of their support. However, if they’re overwhelmed and have too much on their plate, your systems may not get the attention it needs to perform well. A neglected IT infrastructure can result in unplanned downtime, security breaches, data loss, and lost productivity.

Outsourcing your network management with Mainstream Technologies assures that your system will get the attention it needs while freeing up your staff to work on strategic initiatives designed to improve the business.

Add capacity and resources for your IT staff

Keeping all of your hardware, software, workstations, and devices is both time-consuming and complicated. It’s nearly impossible for any one person to be an expert in everything. Outsourcing with Mainstream Technologies gives you access to additional experience and resources that in most cases are too costly to bring in-house.

Reduce Overhead

Experienced IT skills are in demand and costly to bring in-house. In addition, when you have to replace an experienced IT employee, the hiring process can be time-consuming and expensive. Partnering with Mainstream Technologies provides stability and insulates you from the high cost of attrition.

Reduce Risk and Increase Security

Mainstream Technologies will be responsible for making sure your systems are secure. All managed workstation clients are protected with the basic cyber security protections; anti-virus, patch management, 3rd party patching, spam filtering, anti-malware, web filtering, email encryption, and managed backup.

Proactive Planning

Integrating IT into your business planning eliminates budget surprises and brings new opportunities for process improvements to light.

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