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Do you use extensions in your browser?

In the news: Google has removed over 500 chrome extensions tied to Malvertising.

The bad actors are hitting from multiple directions these days. We raise awareness with staff about of phishing emails, but we often do not think about other things like the apps/extensions we get at a legitimate store. Malware has made it into the apple-store, google-Play, and many other inline stores for apps, games, tools, etc.

Be sure to educate your children too. That next big craze-app for the phone might just be from a company trying to exploit something. After all, the bad guys often have better funding than the good guys so they make better looking apps, or functional extensions!

The Duo Security report lists all 500 of the suspicious Chrome extensions, most of which were advertised as games, weather applications or plug-ins for maps and other navigations


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