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Covid-19 vaccine emails/websites

With the ramp-up and hype of Covid-19 vaccine distribution and news, be aware that we are seeing an increase in Covid-19 email scams/SPAM/malicious activity related to it.

Some sites have been seen asking for personal information to sign up for getting access to the vaccine.

From one news source;

“The FBI has received complaints of scammers using the public’s interest in COVID-19 vaccines to obtain personally identifiable information and monies through various schemes,”    AND    “scammers continue to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic for personal gain.”    AND    “Since the pandemic began, the FTC has received more than 20,000 complaints of text messages and robocalls offering testing kits, bogus treatment, and pandemic-related aid. There have also been more than 4,000 reports of pet scams during the pandemic.

I’m not sure how the country will deal with having people sign up for and receiving the vaccine, but be aware of what you are doing and to who you give your personal information. It is my personal opinion that you should talk to your local doctor about it instead of signing up on a website.

Daniel Weatherly
Director of Security Services
Mainstream Technologies Inc.

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