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COVID – 19 Update

Mainstream has been following and responding to the developing outbreak of COVID-19 (“coronavirus”).  Mainstream is committed to the health and safety of our associates and families, those of our customer and vendor partners and of our communities at large.  Given this extraordinary event, I would like to take this opportunity to update each of you on our ongoing preparedness to continue delivering the technology services you rely on in the face of this evolving situation.

Mainstream took steps several days ago to continue operations throughout this event and is monitoring the situation in order to take further steps to limit any degradation in our operational capability.  As you know, a high percentage of our work for each of you is performed remotely to your facilities.  This capability extends through our organization, as well, so that our workforce is 100% capable of working remotely and has been, in fact, since March 12.  This capability has allowed us to conform to social distancing recommendations, has helped limit the adverse impact from public actions which indirectly affect our associates, such as extended school closings, and has allowed us to collaborate with external parties as face-to-face interactions have been restricted.

To continue to maintain our operational capability, we have taken or are considering the following steps:

  • We have issued reminders about recommended hygiene procedures to our associates
  • We have transitioned to a voluntary work-from-home stance; which has been about 95% adopted with no degradation in effectiveness
    We have deployed additional disinfectant equipment and procedures within our facilities
  • We do not conduct business outside of the continental United States, so no international travel is required
  • We have suspended participation in large public events, such as trade shows and conferences, indefinitely to support social distancing
  • We are prepared to restrict local offsite travel and local visitors should areas in which our facilities are located become affected
  • We are prepared to institute mandatory work-from-home procedures should areas in which our facilities are located become affected

We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation as we all navigate this event.  Should your requirements regarding our interactions with your organization change, or if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to any of our great associates.

Be safe out there!

John Burgess
(501) 801-6704
(501) 343-3174 Cell

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