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The human factor is the greatest risk to your cybersecurity! Clicking the wrong link can cause a cyber breach. Workforce Online Training equips your staff to be an effective first line of defense. It cultivates a culture of cybersecurity to protect your data assets.

With Mainstream Technologies’ workforce education curriculum, we’ll train your users and give them the tools to protect you from ransomware, phishing, and spoofing attacks. For only a few dollars and minutes per person per month, it is literally the most affordable way to reduce your risk from cyber attacks.

How does our security awareness training work?  

The first thing we do is send out a phishing security test to your employees to see if they’re prone to clicking on phishing emails.  The next step is to have all employees go through interactive security awareness training through their browser.  Step three is that we will send frequent simulated phishing attacks to make sure that all employees stay on their toes and keep security top of mind.  Our phishing templates are updated weekly and training is regularly refreshed.

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