Custom Certification Software

Mainstream does not believe in a “one size fits all” software solution for education. We design and custom develop your project in house to address your needs. In the end your software will far exceed what you originally thought possible.

Custom Software Examples

Mainstream Technologies has helped the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) reduce paperwork and streamline communications with an agile approach to custom software. The following are a few examples currently in use:

Bus Inspection Scheduling

ADE needed a new bus inspection scheduling app that would be mobile optimized, work in low- or no-connectivity environments, and be intuitive to use.

LEA Assignment

LEA Assignment eliminated physical paper forms and redundant data entry, provided a rapid communication workflow, and automated tedious process requirements.

COVID Survey

The realities of 2020 required Mainstream to build an easy system for educators, health officials, and policy-makers, to communicate and visualize data quickly and easily.

CTE Career Coach

Career coaches needed an intuitive system to ensure students receive appropriate guidance in entering the world of post-secondary education.

Perkins V

Helps districts craft grant-funded Career and Technical Education initiatives in conformance with federal Carl D. Perkins (Perkins V) funding requirements.

Our Advantages

Mainstream crafts state of the art secure software around your preferred business practices.


Change is part of our DNA


End-to-end encryption built-in


Works within complex environments

Our Education Software Background

Since 2010, Mainstream has made vision a reality for educators with custom software solutions.

Mainstream is proud that both the Arkansas and South Carolina State Departments of Education are custom software clients.

Mainstream understands the complexities of Educator Certification along with the governing rules and regulations.

We created an award-winning website to make comparing Arkansas schools and districts easy for both citizens and policy-makers.

We transformed a manual multiple-step process into a single automated system that saves hundreds of hours and eliminates error.

Software must connect to solve problems. We create custom interfaces to talk with your existing systems now and into the future.

Mainstream offers more than custom education software. We also provide Managed Services to host and monitor your solution.