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Ransomware Payments May Run Afoul of Federal Regulations

Ransomware Payments May Run Afoul of Federal Regulations With ransomware attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, more and more companies…

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Establish a Best-Practices Framework for Effective Patch Management

Patch management is among the most important cybersecurity controls in any organization. It’s also one of the most time-consuming, challenging,…

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Should You Back Up Your Office 365 Data?

Data backup and disaster recovery are arguably the most business-critical tasks assigned to any IT organization. If you can’t regain…

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Do You Practice Good Password Hygiene?

Most people understand the basics of good personal hygiene — wash your hands, cover your face when you cough or…

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Security News | w/o 9/26/20

It was a good week for authorities who fight cybercrime. You don’t often see this side of the cyber coin…

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Does the ‘3-2-1 Rule’ Protect Your Data Against Ransomware?

(Sept. 2020) The “3-2-1 Rule” provides a simple but effective strategy for protecting data against loss or corruption: ·         Maintain…

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Data Loss Prevention Enhances Security for Remote Workforces

There is no question that the widespread adoption of remote work practices has created additional risk and an ideal environment…

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Mainstream Technologies Hires Park Kelley

SUPPORTING MANAGED SERVICES CLIENTS (Little Rock, Ark.) – (Sept. 15, 2020) — Mainstream Technologies is pleased to announce the hiring…

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The Business Value of Managed Services

Proactive network management helps companies achieve increased levels of IT stability, predictable costs, and improved efficiency. Most businesses today rely…

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The Significant Threat of Business Email Compromise

BEC scams cost companies millions in fraudulent wire transfers. It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon and Joe in finance receives…

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