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IE vulnerability gets emergency patch

-Daniel Weatherly Director of Security Services Mainstream Technologies Inc Earlier this month and after the normal patch Tuesday, Microsoft released…

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Ransomware | Lessons Learned

comments by Daniel Weatherly – New Bedford, Massachusetts was hit with ransomware back in July and the demand was $5.3…

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Mainstream Technologies Promotes Sara Christie

Moves to new cyber security unit (Little Rock, Ark.) – (Sept. 5, 2019) — Mainstream Technologies is pleased to announce…

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2019 Business IT Summit Webinar

Tales From the Trenches
Dr. Chase Cunningham | Principal Analyst |Forrester Research

August 7, 2019
The Capital Hotel
Little Rock, AR

“The right technology, selected the right way, applied with the correct strategy to the problem and you can be better off than the next person, and as long as you do that, the bad guys will  go somewhere else and you win.”

Dr. Chase Cunningham  

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Why Data Security is Important for Small Companies

By Tim Maliyil When a major company experiences a data breach, it’s all over the news. It makes sense; these…

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Security Update: URSNIF

Just some news from the security front. The information below does not require you to take action, but is meant…

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A Note From

Everyone knows that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is more secure than a simple login name and password, but too many people…

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Security and Social Media

Daniel Weatherly Being careful what you click!  Links on social media are potential threats too! If you use social media…

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Endpoint security is essential in today’s interconnected world.

An endpoint is a remote computing device that communicates back and forth with a network to which is it connected. Examples of…

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App crazes and your risk – FaceApp

Author – Daniel Weatherly Though no malicious activity from the FaceApp has been detected or observed, it does bring up…

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