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Spoof Warning: Online Employment Applications

With unemployment rates high around the country, chance are that you know someone that may be looking for a job….

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Security warning, impersonation of MS-Teams links

This is an FYI for everyone using MS-Teams. Please continue to be vigilant for any and all links, even if…

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Mainstream Technologies Promotes Colby Francis

Analyst For Security Services Unit (Little Rock, Ark.) – (April 27, 2020) — Mainstream Technologies is pleased to announce the…

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Vulnerabilities for the past month-April 15, 2020

This month we have had many vulnerabilities posted for apple products including OSs for PCs and laptops, as well as…

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Social Media

There seems to be a lot of people answering questionnaires on Facebook these days and it’s a big security risk….

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The Five Things SMBs Can Do NOW To Improve Their Cybersecurity

Hackers are finding it more and more difficult to compromise larger enterprises and are shifting their attention elsewhere. Guess who…

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Hackers go old school

I saw this and thought this is interesting enough to share, and to remind people that hacking is not always…

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Some cybersecurity warnings for you

These are for you while at home, and are not specific to a particular technology environment. A reminder that if…

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FBI issues alert about fraud schemes related to Covid-19

Information below is from the following article published Friday of last week at This is good information to share…

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Windows Zero-day Vulnerabilities

There are a couple of windows vulnerabilities that are yet unpatched, with expoits being seen in the wild with some…

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