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I’m looking for a firm that has CJIS experience?

The Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) retained Mainstream to modernize its aging COBOL platform.  At the end of the day when the switch was flipped, the transition was seamless.

Modernization saved the agency over $500,000 annually, created new efficiencies and significantly improved data quality.

Listen to Brad Cazort, Director of the ACIC (Arkansas Crime Information Center) discuss his observations of collaborating with Mainstream Technologies to modernize their COBOL technology in a manner that delivered ont the promise of technology.


What is ACIC?

Why did ACIC modernize?

Is modernization optional today?

What were the challenges the legacy technology created?

How did the custom software development go?

What was the iterative development process like for ACIC?

What was the ‘Go Live’ experience like?

What was the ROI for modernization?

What are the advantages of a custom software solution over packaged software?

Does Mainstream offer maintenance/support services?

What other advantages does Mainstream offer?

Does Mainstream deliver on the promise of technology?