Executive Briefing On Cybersecurity Realities

HOW MUCH IS YOUR DATA REALLY WORTH? John Burgess, President of Mainstream Technologies in this 1 hour presentation describes the new reality of how cybersecurity must be considered as a new business reality.  The risks of system breaches posed to the organization can no longer be ignored. Our mindsets must change to create a culture […]

2019 Business IT Summit Webinar

Tales From the Trenches Dr. Chase Cunningham | Principal Analyst |Forrester Research 2019 Business IT Summit August 7, 2019 The Capital Hotel Little Rock, AR “The right technology, selected the right way, applied with the correct strategy to the problem and you can be better off than the next person, and as long as you […]

Be Wary of Public WiFi

If you’re using public WiFi, it’s important that you are aware of where you are, and what information you’re transferring.  Awareness and education are the first lines of defense in any cybersecurity strategy. If you would like more information about how to protect your business systems, please send us an email, we’d like to hear from […]

Protect Yourself From Social Engineering Attacks.

In this age of CYBER INSECURITY, spearfishing and spoofing attacks are social engineering attacks designed to trick us into divulging our sensitive information.  Take a minute to listen to John Burgess speak about some ways to protect yourself from being a victim.

Expert Generalists | Multi-Sector | Data | Process

Many arrive at our office with a technical challenge. They understand their need and the impact it’s having on their organization but are unsure what the best course of action is to resolve it.  Since Mainstream works in several verticles in both the public and private sector, we are known as expert generalists.  Once engaged, we […]

BYOD Best Practices

As a business leader, do you allow your employees to use their own devices on the company network? If you are considering BYOD, there are some security issues to consider in order to safely take advantage of mobile. Watch this video on YouTube If you would like help securing your information and systems, please send […]

Recommended Security Practices

It seems like every day we read about a new hack where somebody has lost personally identifiable information.    There are primarily three reasons why these breaches are successful; inadequate information security policies requiring best practice security credentials, or inadequate policies requiring keeping their software and environments patched with new releases of software from their […]

Password Security Basics

Having a strong password is your first line of defense.    Click below to listen to John Burgess discuss the importance of strong passwords and how to come up with a way to manage all of your passwords. Watch this video on YouTube If you’re interested in strengthening your companies IT security policies, send us […]

Retail Supply Chain Software – Traverse Systems

Mainstream’s retail supply chain software built for Traverse Systems (formally Compliance Networks) continues to change the way retailers and vendors manage their supply chain, saving them hundreds of millions of dollars. Watch this video on YouTube