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Holiday Malicious Activity

As expected, the malicious content online is way up with the holiday season. Some things to be aware of: Gift…

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The True Cost of Hiring In-House IT Staff

(November 2020) Almost all businesses today depend on technology to one degree or another. Getting — and keeping — the…

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Understanding the High Cost of Downtime

Many organizations accept IT downtime as a fact of life without realizing the significant costs to the business. (November 2020)…

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How MSPs Help Manage Your Vendor Relationships

(November 2020) Managed services arrangements allow organizations to offload some of their technology management burden in order to improve operations…

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More Google Chrome Patches Issued

The 4th and 5th zero-day exploit actively being seen and exploited for Google Chrome has been patched in the past…

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Microsoft Teams users under attack in FakeUpdates campaign

Microsoft has released a warning that cybercriminals are targeting Teams users with fake ads and updates. Some of these are…

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Should You Plan For A Ransomware Attack?

(November 2020) When it comes to ransomware attacks, Benjamin Franklin’s old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a…

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Scanning ALL Infrastructure Devices Is Essential!

NSA: China is Exploiting These Vulnerabilities. Patch Now. Many companies and IT providers patch monthly for Microsoft Windows.  Some even…

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iPhone updates 14.2

Apple has patched iOS against three zero-day vulnerabilities that attackers were actively exploiting in the wild. The security flaws affect…

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Chrome issues another zero-day patch that’s actively being exploited Nov 3rd

Yesterday, Chrome released an update to address another vulnerability CVE-2020-16009 being actively seen in attacks. This is the second update…

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