Omicron Phishing Attacks

Bad actors have started creating Omicron phishing attacks to exploit the emerging news about the Omicron variant of Covid-19 as a lure to get people to click on links in emails or advertising. Do not fall for these scams that try to get you to react quickly without thinking. Here is a sample of one […]

Growing Numbers of IoT Devices Create Significant Security Threats

(November 29, 2021) Organizations typically give little thought to building automation systems, inventory scanners, surveillance cameras, and other Internet of Things, IoT devices, connected to the corporate networks. However, growing numbers of IoT devices create significant security threats. Many of these devices are unmanaged, which means they send, receive, and process information and communicate with […]

A Layered Security Architecture Offers the Strongest Protection from Cyber Threats

(November 30, 2021) Ransomware, phishing, denial-of-service attacks, credential stuffing — the list of potential cyberattacks just continues to grow. According to a study by the University of Maryland, Internet-connected systems experience an attempted cyberattack every 39 seconds. That’s more than 2,200 attacks daily. No security tool can defend against all forms of attack, and various […]

Misconfigurations Are the No. 1 Cause of Cloud Security Threats

(November 22, 2021) Cloud platforms and services offer customers a number of tools to protect their applications and data. However, many customers fail to take advantage of these tools or don’t understand how to use them. Experts agree that misconfigurations are the No. 1 cause of cloud security threats. According to Gartner Analyst Neil MacDonald, […]

Supply Chain Constraints Underscore the Importance of IT Project Planning

(November 15, 2021) Pandemic-related supply chain constraints have led to significant lead times for the delivery of many technology products, which can delay projects by weeks or even months. When the products do arrive, the shortage of skilled IT workers can make it difficult to keep projects on track. These supply chain constraints underscore the […]

Holiday Cybersecurity

It’s the online shopping season and to think about holiday cybersecurity. Buyers beware!  With supply chain issues and media attention, many are turning to online shopping for this holiday season earlier than normal. Online retailers are out to get their share of the pie, and bad actors are aware of this. I have seen multiple […]

Overcoming the IT Skills Gap

The IT Skills Gap poses the challenge of how to get the talent needed to keep up with today’s technology demands. (November 8, 2021) The COVID-19 pandemic has caused organizations of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Organizations are digitizing business processes, consolidating systems and data, and adopting cloud services to facilitate work-from-home […]

Poorly Performing IT Equipment Impacts Performance

(November 5, 2021) In a previous post, we discussed the challenges many organizations face when developing an IT budget. One of the greatest difficulties is quantifying the strategic and operational costs of maintaining an outdated IT infrastructure. However, studies show that poorly performing IT equipment directly impacts company performance. In a recent study of 2,000 […]

QR Code Security Warning

A recent malicious email campaign has been seen using an attack where the bad actor uses a QR code in the email instead of a link. If you get an email that asks you to go to a website using a code, be overly cautious. I would recommend never to scan a QR code from […]

CISA Publishes Known Exploited Vulnerabilities List

The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a new directive that requires federal agencies to patch known vulnerability exploits. They are also publishing a list of these exploits to aid the effort. This list is available to the private sector and can be found at The directive itself can be found at […]