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Security News | w/o 9/26/20

It was a good week for authorities who fight cybercrime. You don’t often see this side of the cyber coin so I thought I would share these snippets.

Authorities in six countries have arrested a total of 179 people in connection with Dark Web activity. The enforcement effort, known as Operation DisrupTor, also seized 500 kilograms of drugs and confiscated $6.5 million in cash and cryptocurrency. Suspects were arrested in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, and Sweden.
Authorities in Poland have shut down a hacking group that has allegedly been involved in a variety of cybercrimes. Four people have been arrested and another four are under investigation. The group’s alleged activities include spreading ransomware, other malware, SIM swapping, and bank fraud.
A man in Australia has been sentenced for using his former employer’s systems to mine cryptocurrency. The man worked as an IT contractor at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). His responsibilities included data archiving and software support. The man-altered data to use the computers to mine AU$9,400 (US$6,800) in cryptocurrency while costing the company AU$76,000 (US$55,000) in computing time. The unnamed man received a 15-month non-custodial sentence.

If you know anyone who does not regularly patch their windows servers, please let them know that there is a 10 out of 10 risk exploit being seen in the wild and being incorporated into attacker playbooks based on a flaw that was patched with August 2020 updates. This is called ZeroLogon and is CVE-2020-1472.

Daniel Weatherly
Director of Security Services
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