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Outsourcing IT Services – A Discussion

IT organizations are no longer tied to the concept that their value or viability is measured strictly by the size of their in-house IT infrastructure and support staff.

From our perspective as an IT provider, there seem to be two reasons for this shift. The first is that IT professionals continue to be challenged to expand their services to meet evolving business demands while secondly, their costs for ‘owning’ these services continue to climb at a rate that outpaces their budgets.

Tactically outsourcing IT services is best illustrated as a utility service. Each of us has the plumbing in place to turn the water on when we need it or turn it off when we don’t. You never leave the water on if it’s not in use. In the same way, decision-makers have the ability to ‘turn on’ their IT services faucet when they need them and turn them off when they don’t.

The successes of IT firms like ours demonstrate the success of outsourcing as a viable option to ‘staffing up’ or ‘building out’. Many have discovered that the costs for outsourcing IT services are relatively inexpensive compared to owning and supporting these services in-house.

The reality we’re all faced with is that outsourcing in its purest form is a relationship. The trick is finding a reliable partner who meshes with your corporate culture! As with any relationship, it is imperative that trust is earned from the outset by over-communication and both parties mutually setting reasonable expectations. For outsourcing to work, it has to be a win/win for everybody.

Mainstream Technologies

In this world of increasing complexity, your business is facing challenges every day that technology can address. Since 1996 Mainstream has been a reliable resource that brings industry-specific experience and knowledge of how to address business challenges with the appropriate technology solutions that drives value to the bottom line.

Advantages Mainstream Technologies offers our clients:

• A deep pool of technology professionals who understand the nature of business and technology,

• Direct access to a lead engineer,

• Access to a wide range of services to extend your capabilities as your business grows,

• The ability to cultivate and retain institutional knowledge specific to your business,

• Access to complimentary services including Hosting, Database Support, Application Support/Development/Integration.

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